Kate Itacy


Kate is a disabled former criminal defense attorney and an eight-time high school national champion in the hammer and 20-pound weight throws. After attending Penn State, Kate went on to law school at Roger Williams University School of Law in Rhode Island. She ran her own criminal defense law firm in Rhode Island and Massachusetts for five years before heading to Del Rio, Texas, to work for the Office of the Federal Public Defender. Unfortunately, medical conditions made her unable to continue to work, so Kate is now writing a book (“From National Champion to Physically Disabled Activist: My Lifelong Struggle With A Diseased Body, And The Lessons It Has Taught Me Along The Way”) and blogging about her experiences transitioning from a dedicated professional to a differently-abled person. Kate hopes to inspire other differently-abled persons, as well as young athletes and women in general to go after their dreams without sacrificing too much of themselves in the process. Kate has a husband in law enforcement, as well as a six-year old stepson whom she adores.

You can follow Kate on Instagram at @katherine.itacy or on Twitter at @katherine_itacy