Listen to the Extended Version of Episode 2, Female Business Owners, with special guest, Angie, of Angelina Rose Photography!

It’s here, folks! Click below to start listening to the extended, extra-special mega episode of the “Hear Me Roar” podcast, “Female Business Owners: The Benefits, Pitfalls and Struggles Women Face When Running Their Own Business”! The episode features the podcast’s very first guest, Angie Bonin, of Angelina Rose Photography!

Kate had an amazing time chatting with Angie about her business, Kate’s former practice, and so much more! While the episode is our longest yet, it’s chock-full of great insights, practice pointers, stories about some of their greatest moments in business, as well as what they consider to have been their greatest fears in being business owners. They also talk about how they’ve managed to hustle (and stand out) in two very oversaturated business markets.

And while a lot of Kate and Angie’s experiences relate specifically to their identities as women in business, as well as starting out as relatively young business owners, the episode is relatable to all those in the business world!

Get to know a bit more about Kate’s former criminal defense firm and business model, as well as Angie’s outstanding and incomparable dedication to capturing the personalities and spirits of all of her wedding couples and families.

Kate will be working on creating mini-episodes for those who are more interested in listening to just one or two topics of the longer conversation, and will post them to the site once those episodes have been created.

In the meantime, feel free to share your own experiences with small business ownership, the peaks and pitfalls of being a business professional, and/or your experience being a woman or person of color in an otherwise white male-dominated field. You can reach the podcast via InstagramTwitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, or Tumblr.

We’d also love to continue receiving your feedback as to past episodes, as well as suggestions for upcoming episodes. Feel free to hit us up via social media, or by sending us an email at

’Til next time, dear listeners!



This happens to be one of my favorite early works by Angie. But maybe I’m a little biased because of the subjects of the photograph! 

The pups.jpg

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